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The On Call Band®

In the latter part of 2005, a group of medical doctors came-up with a way to relieve their daily stresses, alleviating them from the rigors of working in the hospital. Little did any of them know, that simply hanging-out and playing music would ever evolve into a household name--becoming one of the South's premiere jazz bands.

Making their debut at the Bay County Fairgrounds on February 24, 2006, they captivated the audience, and have been doing so ever since.

Although jazz is what front-man Hulon is known for, the group does not hesitate to please its audience, by playing a soothing and groovy mix of jazz, funk, blues, and country; something for everyone.


Updated List Pending
- Hulon (Saxophone) retired Army


- David Goldflies (Bass) formerly of the Allman Brothers; Capricorn/PolyGram/Arista/Epic recording artist
- Geoff McBride / Geoffry McBride (Vocals) former Arista Records/RCA recording artist


- Amanda Matthews (Keyboard)
- Rick Marideth (Bass)
- Phil Griffin (Bass)
- Sage Davis (Keyboard)
- Jack Sterm (Guitar)
- Keith Banton (Keyboard)
- Mike Stern (Guitar)
- Joey Kirkland(Drums)
- Lowell Hopper (Bass/Lead Guitar)
- Rusty Freeman (Keyboard)
- Luke Pinegar (Keyboard/Trumpet/Flalgal Horn/Bass)
- Steve Cosper (Guitar)


The group recorded a handful of songs together, but did not release those tracks to the general public.