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1st Album - "First Impressions"


First Impressions has been praised by many music critics in 2010. With so many great reviews and great musicians on the album, it is no wonder why this album was such a success. I am pleased to share my debut album experience with you all. I thank you for your continued support.

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1. "Cisco Kid"
This remake of the original tune, features Allen Hinds, Dave Hooper, and Jeff Kashiwa.

2. "Sax on the Beach"
This song is favored by many. Also features Allen Hinds, Ricky Lawson, and Jeff Kashiwa.

3. "Cool Blue"
This is my definition of cool. Also features Allen Hinds, Ricky Lawson, and Jeff Kashiwa.

4. "Sweet Spot"
Just like candy. Also features Allen Hinds, Dave Hooper, and Jeff Kashiwa.

5. "So Naturally"
This is my personal favorite. Also features Allen Hinds, Ricky Lawson, and Jeff Kashiwa.

6. "Follow Me"
Go on a journey with me, as I take you alongside the beach. Also features Dave Kochanski, Allen Hinds, Dave Hooper, and Jeff Kashiwa.

7. "Dr. Goodfoot"
Let the doctor get you on the goodfoot, and fill your prescription with music. Also features Allen Hinds, Dave Hooper, and Jeff Kashiwa.

8. "Sax Machine"
Let me show you my sax. Get in the groove. Also features Allen Hinds, Dave Hooper, and Jeff Kashiwa.

9. "No More Goodbyes"
Dedicated to a dear friend of mine. Also features Bill Heller, Allen Hinds, Dave Hooper, and Jeff Kashiwa.

10. "Interview" (Bonus Track)
This will help you get acquainted with me and my personality. Credit to 92.5 Wrap-Fm Clear Channel Radio.

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As far as his playing ability let me just go on record sand say he reminds me of Sax-master Grover Washington Jr. If that’s not a compliment I don’t know what is. He clearly knows how to fill the sonic space with amazing playing that flows across the ears like fine wine. The music itself goes...

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1. "Two in the Morning"
This R&B tune features the Grammy Award winning artist, Howard Hewett, of Shalamar, and Gary Foote from the legendary group, Blood, Sweat & Tears.

2. "Takin' My Time"
"keeps things moving in the same direction with classic R&B groove, meshed against impressive solo guitar chops against a backdrop of rock steady rhythm and hooky saxophone melody" ~ Cyrus Rhodes

3. "Always and Forever"
Remake of the Heatwave classic by Rod Temperton. Features Geoff McBride/Geoffrey McBride on vocals.

4. "After Hours"
This is the heart of the album and says it all.

5. "Step-by-Step"
This tune sets the mood as you unwind.

6. "Sticky Trickuation"
"A mid tempo tune with an appealing inbuilt swagger" ~ Dennis Poole

7. "Second Opinion"
"...has a good vibe...among the album’s better cuts and is a tasty slice of smooth jazz." ~ Dennis Poole

8. "Backstep"
Take one step back into the groove.

9. "Do You Feel Me"
"An instrumental...with something of a big, uplifting gospel undertone and more superb guitar from Hinds." ~ Dennis Poole

10. "Speak Easy"
Think New Orleans; think Pink Panther; think cool swagger. That's what "Speak Easy" is all about.

11. "Always and Forever (Instrumental)"
This is the instrumental version of my tune "Always and Forever."

12. "You're Beautiful"
"The perfect finale statement for a CD of this caliber." ~ Cyrus Rhodes

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"After Hours"

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"First Impressions" Review
author: Scott O'Brien
Dr. Hulon Crayton specializes in Rheumatology by day, and super cool sax playing by night (or anytime that feels right)… the tenor sax man is billed as “jazz music’s cool new sensation,” and his debut release FIRST IMPRESSIONS verifies this diagnosis. It’s got not only Jeff Kashiwa’s blessing, but his writing, production, and playing support on both sax and keys! The tasty tracks range from lyrical, mellow and romantic like “Follow Me” and “Cool Blue,” to old school on the project’s only cover a killer version of War’s “Cisco Kid” to festively funky as heard on “Sax on the Beach” and “Sax Machine.” The tunes on FIRST IMPRESSIONS are right in the pocket. There’s also an exciting bonus track here, a radio interview for you to get better acquainted with the man behind the music. No need for a second opinion, I’m certain that you’re going to love Hulon’s musical offerings… Bay County, Florida’s Hulon is on the fast track to Smooth Jazz stardom!

Great Album
author: Chappell
A friend of mind introduced me to Hulon and I have been hooked ever since. This album has a great groove on every track and the Sax playing is superb! My favorite track on the album is Dr. Goodfoot. This is a great album for music lovers and Jazz lovers alike!

Great Album
author: Chiquita
This album is a great for not only jazz lovers but music lovers in general. His sax playing is exceptional and every track offers something new. My favorite tracks are Dr. Goodfoot and No More Goodbyes but all of them are great. This is definitely an album I recommend.

Great Jazz
author: Lorraine
This artist found me on ReverbNation and very glad he did. Sax on the Beach was the first song I heard and I new I wanted to hear more. Always been a fan of jazz and this is already one of the favorite of my collection. Has the stamp of a professionally produced studio album --highly recommended!